My name is Lisa Ernst. I’m a front end web designer. Everything I approach in my life goes through my creative filter. This makes me very particular about details which is what is required in Web Design, and in my opinion, all things in life. I enjoy using my creativity to find solutions to challenges.

I use WordPress to develop websites using premium themes which I customize in order to suite my clients particular needs.

I am interested with all things form and function. Websites in my opinion cannot just be attractive they have to be usable. Every design element I implement has a purpose for being there. Just because you can re-design something doesn’t mean you should. Trends are important but it doesn’t mean the trend works or applies in all areas.

I glean my design inspiration from nature, automobile/motorcycle design, industrial design, graphic and interior design.

Thanks for following along and learning more about me, please take a look at some of my work and feel free to get in touch with me to ask how I can help you with your vision. I’d love to hear from you.