The Ever Changing web

The Ever Changing web

Posted by on Nov 7, 2013 in blog

The Ever Changing web

Well, here it is, the newest version of! A while back I changed hosting companies and decided then to re-design my website. It really needed it in my opinion. I’ve moved focus from one content management system back to my beloved WordPress, and my newest projects will be designed and developed in WordPress.

I sat myself down in my desk chair, task at hand and without it being part of a New Years resolution, here is the new “hybrid” website. I say hybrid because it is a portfolio website for full time work and also a call to freelance work by adding pricing packages and calls to action throughout the sites pages for small to medium sized business owners as well as entrepreneurs to get in touch with me to help them build a new website or re-design an existing website.

Hopefully I have been successful in conveying this message to future clients. This is also a place where I will detail my latest interests as they pertain to web related activities. This includes personal projects I’m working on which are always a lot of fun since I can spread my wings design wise without specific business criteria being the focal point.

This brings me to the ever changing and quickly passing nature of the web. A lot of the websites I have designed and developed over the last few years have either been taken offline or have been re-designed. This is just the way it goes but it makes it hard for a web designer because our work is not seen as a constant but just a passing phase in the history of an online presence. So I start this website with three latest projects.

I’ve recently seen one design agency show past projects in a timeline like fashion which I thought was a great idea but I’ve decided not to do that on this new website. With starting fresh comes the responsibility to fill the new portfolio as quickly as I can with new and very pretty goodies.

With that in mind I’m off to think up some new and exciting ideas and with good fortune some new clients to find solutions for.

Until next time….

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